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    Fico Selvatico
    In this ambient fragrance, the green freshness of the wild fig becomes a distilled form of pure energy, ideal to adorn living spaces. The crisp notes of the leaf and fig milk, with hints of freshly cut grass, are softened by notes of white musk.
    Starting from €59.00
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    Pompelmo Cassis
    In this home fragrance, the sparkling grapefruit combines with the decisive character of cassis. Intense and lively, Pompelmo Cassis is perfect to compliment bathrooms and Spa areas, giving energy to interiors thanks to the regenerating aroma.
    Starting from €32.00
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    In this flowery and fruity fragrance, the sweet and delicate notes of fruit harmonise with the elegant accents of flowers and the rich background of ginger and vetiver. A scented dance perfect to adorn living spaces and give a pleasant, sparkling atmosphere.
    Starting from €70.00
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    Limone Mandarino
    The sparkling notes of lemon and mandarin are softened by a sweet hint of vanilla, which adds a warming base to the fresh citrus scent. Limone Mandarino is akin to liquid sunlight, creating a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for adorning living spaces and children's bedrooms.
    Starting from €59.00
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    Cuoio Radica
    This home fragrance composed of notes of leather and briar root that sit alongside the robust flavour of patchouli and elegant amber. The harmony of the combination makes Cuoio Radica an intense and enveloping, spicy fragrance, perfect for providing energy for living spaces.
    Starting from €59.00
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    The sparkling notes of bergamot, soft cotton flower, sea notes and fresh vetiver mingle together to create this ambient fragrance with the scent of the ocean. Ideal for bathrooms and spas, this fragrance creates a regenerating and comforting atmosphere.
    Starting from €32.00
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    The notes of litsea cubeba, an oriental fruit with a citrusy scent, blends with leather and briar root in order to create Maserati. This is a fragrance created in honour of the Italian icon which represents elegance and style. Fresh and enveloping, it is perfect to help with concentration in studys or work interiors.
    Starting from €100.00
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    Calvados is a fantasy of predominantly red apple notes, spicy coriander, sandalwood and soft saffron. A fruity ambient fragrance perfect for heating and giving energy to the living spaces, filling the room with sweet and pleasant sensations.
    Starting from €48.00
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