Ruby glass Lamparfum Gift Box with classic cap and 500ml refill

A stylish glass version of our catalytic fragrance lamp: the furnishing accessory which perfumes and purifies.

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Price: €94

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Price: €94

1. Place the Lamparfum on a stable surface, away from heat sources and raise both plugs.
2. Pour about 1/3 of the refill liquid (about 165ml) in the lamp, using the funnel being careful not to fill it too much.
3. Insert the wick into the lamp, cover with the metal cap and wait until it is sufficiently soaked (about 3 hours for the first ignition).
4. Turn on the burner for a few minutes.
5. When the stone will become light grey and the flame will be lowered, blow from a security distance to completely turn it off.
6. Place the perforated cap on the Lamparfum as a protection and let it neutralize bad smells and bacteria.
7. To turn off the lamp is sufficient to reposition the metal cap on the catalytic wick being careful not to touch it with your fingers.

The Lamparfum completes and does not replace the room diffuser with bamboo: the first item has an antibacterial function and acts vigorously cleaning and perfuming the ambiance in less time (20-60 minutes) compared to the second one, which has longer-lasting action and weighted over a period of hours.