Diffuser refill

750ml Rosso Nobile refill

The Rosso Nobile Home Fragrance refill - in a 750 ml format - looks like a bottle of fine Tuscan red wine and comes with reed sticks to intensely spread the unique fragrance. A great gift idea for connoisseurs.

The estimated delivery date of this product is: Friday 22nd January 2021
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Category Diffuser refill
Size 750 ml

Our home fragrance are known for the enduring scent and lifespan. However, there are some tricks to make them last even longer. When buying, we recommend that you buy a refill of the same fragrance in order to maintain the level of liquid higher than two thirds of the way up. This way, you avoid increasing the amount of oxygen in the bottle which causes the evaporation speed to increase.

Buy a refill of your fragrance and use it to keep the level of the liquid at the recommended height. The amount of oxygen in the bottle will affected the rate of evaporation
keep the fragrance away from heat sources
choose the bottle size proportionate to the area you wish to fragrance