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Ginger Lime

An excellent cocktail formed by the aromatic and crisp Ginger, one of the oldest spices of the south-east Asia and the crisp and foaming Lime.
Ginger Lime 100ml Spray
Ginger Lime 250ml with Sticks
Ginger Lime 500ml with Sticks
Ginger Lime 1250ml with Sticks
Ginger Lime 2500ml Duomo Bottle
Ginger Lime 5000ml Duomo Bottle
Ginger Lime 500ml Refill
Ginger Lime 2500ml Refill
Ginger Lime 5000ml Refill

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Head citrus notes formed by the fleshy Lemon pulp which enter the crisp green notes of Lime, Ginger used together with the Gingember, with entangling shades of Vetiver to form the heart of the fragrance, white pepper and colonial essences heat the base of
Stimulates the mood and reduces feelings of anxiety and fatigue while helping to improve concentration and enriching the air with purifying components.
Work/study rooms

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