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  1. Diffuser

    Decanter and 750ml Bordeaux Bottle
    The elegant Decanter is the scent diffuser dedicated to Rosso Nobile, one of our most well-known and popular ambient fragrances. Designed by Maestro Paolo Vranjes, the diffuser disperses the nuances of a Tuscan red wine via the reed sticks.
  2. Diffuser

    Designed for the Bellini fragrance, this elegant crystal Chalice is the fragrance diffuser invented by Maestro Paolo Vranjes and hand crafted by expert Florentine artisans. It diffuses elegant and fruity notes through its specialised sticks.
  3. Diffuser

    This crystal Balloon, handcrafted by Florentine experts, is the fragrance diffuser which maestro Paolo Vranjes has dedicated to Calvado's, the fruity fragrance inspired by distilled apple. It fills the room with a sweet and charming air.
  4. Diffuser

    Giardini di Boboli 500 ml - Crystal bottle with sticks
    Dr. Vranjes Firenze Classic Crystal Bottle is an elegant fragrance diffuser available in two scents: Giardini di Boboli and Giardino delle Rose. The design is inspired by classical forms and is handcrafted by expert Florentine artisans.
  5. Gift

    35 anni - Tris Box Duomini 25ml
    Three home fragrances and a unique and exciting journey that began many years ago...On the 35th anniversary of Dr. Vranjes, 35 years Tris Duomini gift box was created, containing: Acqua, Rosso Nobile and Giglio di Firenze - the first, the most sold and the latest creation of Dr. Vranjes.
  6. Gift

    The 250ml Gift Box with Refill is a sophisticated choice, perfect for those who like to carry their favourite home fragrance. Available in 6 different fragrances, the gift box contains: the 250ml stick diffuser, the sticks and a 150 ml refill.
    As low as €74.00
  7. Gift

    The divine 250ml Gift Box with Base is the ideal fragranced gift for those with small offices or professional studios. In 6 different ambient fragrances, the box includes: an elegant brown faux leather base with a gold logo and a 250ml home diffuser.
    As low as €65.00
  8. Gift

    Available in 6 exclusive home fragrances, the 500ml Gift Box with Base is an idea scented gift for an office or studio. It contains the 500ml fragrance diffuser, and an elegant base in faux leather with a gold logo.
    As low as €103.00
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